Saturday, January 2, 2016

ALYOF - 2015 finishes inspired by a linky party!

I love setting goals.  I am motivated by declaring the goal out loud and then holding myself accountable for that goal.

Sound familiar?  Do you work the same way?  That is why this blog is so very important to me.  I document it for myself - kinda hold myself accountable.  But I get so much positive feedback and encouragement from others, that even not finishing is also ok.

For 2016, I choose a word for the year - Discover.   I blogged about it here.

I'm very excited about it.   Do you have a word - or a phrase - that will define 2016 for you?
Join me in putting that word onto fabric - anyway you want! - and then share it and join my linky party!

There is terrific sponsorship from Chalk Lots and Green Fairy Quilts with prizes to be awarded (randomly) to participants!


Come join the party!!

For the last several years, a major source of inspiration to get to a finish for me was the monthly Another Lovely Year of Finishes challenge.

At the beginning of each month, you set your goal and then blog about your finish at the end of the month and join the party. Shanna and Melissa have done a terrific job hosting this party month after month.  Thank you both for all of your cheer-leading and encouragement!

This week is the final party celebrating our 2015 accomplishments (linking here).  (Sadly, it is also the final ALYOF party.)

I participated 11 of the 12 months but choose to make my mosaic of the 9 finishes - quilt tops in some cases, quilts in others - that were my ALYOF goal.

Row 1:  Snapshots (Dec), Holiday Wishes (Nov), Pretty Puppies (Oct)

Row 2: Peanuts Gang (Sept), Summer Stars (Aug), Hello Moon (June

Row 3:  Farmer's Wife (May), Elmer (April), Grand Illusions (March)

Thanks again to Shanna and Melissa - you've been terrific party hostesses!

Happy Stitching!

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  1. Congrats on all the great finishes Patty!
    I have become so reliant on the monthly goals, made accountable by Shanna & Melissa, that I have decided to start a monthly goal-setting linkup! Just ironing it out and I should be live this evening!
    I have my WORD selected, but the patchwork is on hold while I start OMG: One Monthly Goal!


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