Monday, November 23, 2015

Bonnie's mystery quilt

I'm not yet a member of a quilt guild and have always wondered what goes on in the meetings and what I might be missing.  So when I noticed from a blog post that Bonnie Hunter was going to be speaking at a local guild meeting, I made plans to attend.

This photo is from Bonine's Instagram feed - I'm in the very back row - the lady in the red shirt on the right hand side of the photo.

She was really fun to listen to and the room was packed.   She shared many of her quilts and talked a lot about leaders and enders.   (Not the best photo but I was in the way back!)

The most fun was to see all these quilts that I've seen pictures of on her blog and to see them in person.  At the end of her talk, you could go up and see the quilts first hand - such fun.

The Friday after Thanksgiving each year Bonnie launches a mystery quilt - clues each week.  This year's mystery is called Allietare!

I've got my fabric ready - the red is FigTree Farmhouse, the gold is Hello Fall, the black is Lakeside Gatherings Beacon Titanium, gray is Lakeside Gatherings Mini Anchors Dock.  

This will be my third time doing her mystery quilts - here are the previous quilts:

Grand Illusions - 2014  - (the leftover fabric from this quilt is what I am using to make my Farmer's Wife quilt!)

Celtic Soltice (2013)

Easy Street (2012).  This one was gifted to my sister in law when she turned 50.

Are you planning on joining in for this years mystery?

Happy Stitching!


  1. I have fabric pulled but am thinking I may do a fairly small version as I still need to quilt my Celtic Solstice! Your fabric looks good together :)

  2. A guild is a great place to get inspiration and learn from others. So glad you got to see and hear Bonnie. Love your fabrics for the mystery.

  3. Your quilts are beautiful! Bonnie Hunter is incredibly talented and I printed off Orca Bay (?is that right?), but I never got started. I often have great intentions and not enough time!! Have a great week!!

  4. I was told by a friend about her and the mystery quilt. So I will be doing it this year. And as it turns out, she will be coming to Montana in September for our quilt guild. So I will be joining up and hopefully taking a class from her.

  5. I have never done her mystery before; last year I decided against Grand Illusion, and then regretted it. Your previous mystery quilts (thanks for the photos!) are lovely. I have decided to do this year's after vascillating for weeks. I am not sure that I have enough grey; I am going to try and use some scraps with my reds and golds, and I will be digging frantically for the blacks. From reading the Introduction, I am guessing that the neutrals have to be selected pretty carefully in order to have enough contrast with the golds and the greys? I am excited to be participating, and my daughter in Sweden is also doing the mystery.


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