Friday, October 9, 2015

Farmer's Wife: Augusta (7) and Aunt (8)

I enjoyed making these two blocks this week and only used the seam ripper once!

First, Augusta.  I like this block quite a bit.  The contrast between the green and the brown is good.

and Aunt.  I fussy cut the center but should and tried a little harder to fussy cut the side pieces!

Here are my 8 blocks to date (not the best photo.)   You'll see for these last two blocks, I switched to a white/cream background.  I think I will continue to mix it up a bit and not go all white/cream although I am tempted.

There are two blocks where there just isn't enough contrast between the light brown fabric and the taupe fabric.  I don't think I'll redo those blocks - they were tough ones - but I will now really watch the contrast in the fabrics.

These blocks are from the book Farmer's Wife 1930's Sampler Quilt .  

There are two QAL underway right now - VeryKerryBerry and Gnome Angel.  I'll be playing along with both!

Happy Stitching!


  1. They are beauties all together. It is good to have some which are lower contrast to provide more interest in the overall quilt, I think...that being said - it bugs me too when there is a lack of contrast. I tend to look at each block as a separate project..good idea to put them together once in awhile for perspective. They are all tucked so carefully and pretty in my notebook though, lol!

  2. Love these blocks ...sooo tempted to join in


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