Thursday, October 8, 2015


I first saw this Awesome saying on a hand painted sign at a craft fair.  I bought that sign for my daughter and she has it hanging in her room.   (When she was younger, she played in buddy baseball league and her nickname was "Megan the Awesome".)

My Awesome quilt (see what fun it is to call a quilt Awesome) was one of two quilts I entered into Clothworks Tiny Quilt Challenge made entirely with AMB solids.

Even though I didn't win with either quilt, it was a lot of fun to enter the challenge and I'm very glad I did. Information about the winners is posted on the Clothworks blog.

My other entry was the better of the two but I'm not going to publish it here on the blog yet because I'm thinking about submitting the second mini to a magazine for publishing.  Has anyone ever done this?

 Happy Stitching!

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