Thursday, September 17, 2015

Organizing my Quilting stash

I started the assembly of my Snapshots quilt.   The cutting instructions for the sashing and borders are a bit unusual in order to get this cut out using the least amount of fabric.   I had to clear off my sewing table to get these pieces cut out.

By clearing off, I really mean I moved everything to the floor.  But that inspired me to get my fabric better organized.

I  have been folding my fabric stash around comic book boards for awhile.  I like being able to clearly see my fabric stash and it almost feels like my own mini quilt store of stash when I go looking for fabric.  However, I didn't like the way the comic boards would sag unless everything was packed in tight.

I went through my house and found some baskets that weren't being used.   These are working perfectly!

 My favorite designers are together.  My text fabric has its very own home.

I've now got a basket for my red stash.  (Want to make a red and white quilt some day.)

And I've got an extra project basket so I can keep organized everything I need for the quilt(s) in progress.

How do you organize your stash?

I'm almost done.  I've still this pile on the floor to deal with.  (Keeping it real!)

Happy Stitching!

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  1. hmmm, that floor pile looks a bit familiar...and inquiring minds want a photo of the "text basket" :)


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