Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Farmer's Wife Glamour Shots

There is a beautiful park near my home, Yates Mill Park, which has a mill once powered by a waterwheel.

I thought this would be a perfect backdrop for my shots of my Farmer's Wife Quilt.

This old wagon is going anywhere.  I was a little hesitant to place my quilt on it but managed to do so by being very careful of the exposed nails and rusty parts.

The railing from the visitor center gave me a place to better display my quilt - the old mill is in the background.    This quilt is so big (roughly queen sized) that I could only display one side at a time!

One side ....

and the other.

There are 110 blocks on the front - every other one is set on point.   The blocks are predominantly one color - either blue/aqua, red or gray except for the ones in the 4 corners that are a mix of red and blue/aqua with sometime some gray mixed in.

I used the 111th block - actually block #68 in the book - for my quilt label, incorporating a piece of each of the fabrics used in the label!

All of the blocks were paper pieced.  I did them in order of the book and typically made 3 a week.   Paper piecing allowed me to use even the smallest scrap.  I did run very short of the blue/aqua fabric but was rescued by 2 bloggers who saw my S.O.S.for fabric.

The quilt took me a year to complete from the first block to the attaching of the binding.  (I used a red solid.)

To see a close up of all the blocks, I created a series of mosaics that can be found on this post.

I blogged about the entire process of making these blocks and would be thrilled if you would take a look.

The fabric I used was a Bonnie and Camille line called Vintage Modern.  The quilting was done by Cathy Kirk and is a modified baptist fan.

I used the Farmer's Wife Sampler Quilt for for this quilt.  These include letters from 1920's.

There is a new book Farmer's Wife 1930's available with 99 blocks which include letters from women in the 1930's.  I've seen two quilt a longs for this new book. Check out VeryKerryBerry and Gnome Angel for information on each of them.

 Quite tempted to play along!   I just love this photo of my stack of finished blocks.  The 6" blocks were fun to take out and play with!  Will they inspire me to play along again?

Happy Stitching!


  1. You should frame that wagon shot! What a beauty!! So, are you saying that the 30's qal contains new blocks? Hmmm...I thought it was just using an updated fabric palate...hmmm...

  2. What an awesome quilt.....I loved that B&C line and wish I had bought more when it was out.

    I just bought the Farmers Wife book for the GnomeAngel sew along. I love the idea of doing 1-2 a week or so and stretching the project out. I haven't picked my fabrics out yet but since i'm part of the IheartB&C swap on IG and have lots of B&C fabrics, I might just use those....

    I LOVE your photo shoot! This was an awesome blog post!

    Peggy in NJ

  3. Just gorgeous! I also like that the quilting isn't so busy that it distracts from the quilt. I have a stack of 30s fabric that doesn't have a pattern yet, but maybe I should use up the fabrics that I bought for this quilt first!! Thanks for sharing your process with us.

  4. The photos are amazing and the quilt is gorgeous sitting on that wagon! Love it!

  5. Your quilt is the star of your wonderful photography of this delightful park. The wagon shot is perfect! Congratulations on your finished quilt. A labor of love (and a bit frustration, I would imagine). Gorgeous!

  6. It was great to follow along with your journey of making this quilt, it looks lovely

  7. Beautiful quilt! Amazing that you finished it in only a year! I found your blog when I saw the Yates Mill Park in the snippet on Hilachas blog. We lived in the Raleigh area before moving to Japan, so I have been to the park many times. A really gorgeous quilt finish!.

  8. What a wonderful quilt - in such a glorious setting. I've never taken my quilts on the road but very tempted to now!

  9. This is a lovely quilt. Very pretty colors and I really like how the red blocks stand out!

  10. Beautiful finish to a wonderful quilt - Yates Mill Park was a perfect setting. We live in Clayton, so hopefully we can stroll through that park - would be a beautiful adventure and outing. Judy C in NC

  11. Incredible photographs, the perfect setting for a beautiful quilt!

  12. I made a lap quilt in civil war reproduction fabrics from the blocks in the first book. I am planning on playing along on the 2nd book also.


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