Saturday, January 5, 2013





overabundance; excess: 

Not sure if this is my word for the year but it is certainly my word for January!

I am referring to the abundance of quilt projects I want to get started on - more on that to come!   But it also refers to the abundance of projects I want to finish up. So I set some goals for my work in progress finishes and I am going to link up with A Lovely Year of Finishes each month.

My January project is to finish the quilt I gave to my daughter for Christmas.  I need to complete the FMQ and attach label and binding.   You can read more about the quilt on my post here.  The quilt is by far the largest FMQ project I have attempted on my home machine so I am enjoying the challenge.

My daughter is quite anxious for me to finish her TARDIS quilt and tells me her friends are quite jealous of her gift.

I've backed this in flannel which I find to be somewhat forgiving if I encounter any minor FMQ tension issues.

A special thanks to Mdmn Samm and Linda for our latest blog hop - In Your Words - which starts on Monday.  My day is Tuesday, Jan 8th and please join me in visiting all the quilters in the hop.  You can find the full schedule on Linda's blog.

Happy Stitching!


  1. I totally understand your daughter's wish to have her quilt finished... I would be too! A very cool quilt-to-be!

    I want to list all the projects I'd like to finish this year... hopefully, I won't be so distracted with a list to look at...


  2. I tried to make the year 2012 a year of finishes...maybe 2013 will fare better, I may have to join that Linky party too, hmmmm. Love your Tardis!

  3. A plethora would definitely describe the abundance of projects I want to get started on this year. I'm sort of struggling with completing my Easy Street quilt. I keep getting my 4-patches turned around. I been sewing more than un-sewing, but it's frustrating. Dr. Who's Tardis is looking good! I can imagine her friends being jealous.

  4. Plethora is one of my favorite words. I love the way it feels when I say it, and I love having a plethora of almost anything. =) My son would love it if I made that quilt for him, or anything like it.

  5. Such an awesome quilt!! Your daughter is a lucky girl. I can't wait to see it with quilting.

  6. Add me to the list of those who are jealous of your daughter. This quilt is wonderful.


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