Friday, May 25, 2012

Pure ... Obsession?

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I started my quilting journey in earnest a few years ago and one of the first fabric lines that completely caught my fancy was Sweetwater's Pure.

So I bought two charmpacks and a layer cake and a jelly roll.   I used the jelly roll right away and made bags.

I then decided to collect 'some' of the fabric and stockpile so I could make a queen size quilt.  

Along with 2 charm packs (which I'll save for AYOS) and a layer cake, here is what I have:

3 yards of this argyle print - not quite enough for backing

2 yards cuts of these:

1 yard cuts of these:

and these array of fat quarters\

I decided to make a queen sized version of Schnibble Lincoln - I'll need 25 star blocks and 56 strip blocks.  The Schnibble book calls for 2 layer cakes for a quilt which is 7 by 7 blocks.  Mine will be 9 by 9 blocks.  My guess is that I have more that enough fabric but before I cut anything, I'm off to carefully calculate and plan it all out.

Happy Stitching!


  1. Your quilt will be Pure beautiful quilt.Yes,that collection is nicer.Happy sewing!

  2. Your fabric and color combinations are gorgeous! That will be a beautiful quilt!

  3. I'm totally with you on that Pure obsession. i HAD to buy the FQ bundle when i could. i made a giant quilt for the hubby (which means i get to share!) and i just finished up a cute little pillow with the rest i had left. i'm excited to see your finished projects! :)

  4. Love that color combo... gorgeous!

  5. I love that fabric line! I can't wait to see your quilt--it'll be so nice in that pattern.

  6. oh I am SO jealous! Pure came out before I started sewing. I picked up 6 FQs when I first started, not knowing what they were or that the supply would dry up! I've since tried to get my sweaty hands on a layer cake, but with no success!

  7. There are a couple of yards of the Pure fabric available over at


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