Wednesday, May 23, 2012

A Gaggle of Geese

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I bought a new toy - a ruler specific for Flying Geese called a Wing Clipper.

It works GREAT!  I know there are various geese rulers out there.  I liked this one because you can make a variety of different geese sizes.  Trimming was easy.

And now I have a gaggle of geese in two different sizes.  I'm going to use these for star blocks.

(I just love the neat birds nest of trimmings in the photo background.  Not much waste at all.)  Note my use of wooden clothespins.  I find it to be a great tool for my quilting - it is a nice way to keep piles together without using pins.

I've assembled my geese into stars.  This is the layout I am thinking about for the center of the quilt.  What do you think?   When I originally set out to make this quilt, I had purchased a whole bunch of fabric and decided that this quilt would be far too busy.  I decided to take this iconic print as far as I could with the yard that I had.  (Colors are more true in the photo above.)

Happy Stitching!


  1. I have the Wing Clipper too! Great ruler to have and works great!

    I am so stealing your idea to use clothespins to hold blocks together rather than pins... I gots lots o' clothespins!


  2. That is a really nice lay out.
    Clever use of clothespins!!

  3. Very nice! I've never seen this ruler.
    I use clothespins this way too! I thought I was being original. I guess there's truly nothing new under the sun!

  4. Looks easy use that ruler and your stars quilt is beautiful!1

  5. I have used this ruler, by Deb Tucker, and it is great! I just finished a quilt using Deb's V-Block ruler and my points came out perfect! I used the pattern They'll Be Coming Around the Mountain by Lynda Hall. She posted the quilt on her most recent blog post, Primitive Pieces by Lynda. The blocks are made a little over sized and then you trim them down to perfection.

    I am going to use the clothespins also.

  6. Oh, clothespins are SUCH a great idea. I've been pinning the rows together at the "top" to make sure they get sewn the way I laid them out, but I noticed this last time that it left pin holes I wasn't fond of. I am SO stealing your idea. Thanks!

    And I love the stars, BTW. It's going to be gorgeous.


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