Thursday, September 8, 2011


My latest Schnibble is complete (minus the mandatory trip through washer/dryer). 

I am very pleased with this one.  It just screams Fall, Pumpkins, Autumn and I decided to call it September.  <grin>

The important stuff:

  • Fabric was 2 charm packs from Sandy Gervais Grand Finale. 
  • Backing was a print from that line.  Binding was a solid from a previous Sandy Gervais line.
  • Pattern was Hot Cross from the first Schnibble book.  (I've the second one on order.)
  • Quilting was a basic meandering.  Hadn't done any FMQ in awhile so it was good practice.

Happy Stitching!


  1. Congratulations on such a lovely finish! Perfect for fall... hopefully, the cooler temps will arrive shortly, altho it's not been too bad lately!

  2. I love is perfect for fall, which seems to be creeping in already! Sandy Gervais is one of my favorites and have 2 charm packs of Finale myself:)

  3. I also love these colors - really nice pattern and all ready for fall. Judy C in NC

  4. Beautiful fall quilt and you picked the perfect name!

  5. Your Schnibble looks wonderful and I love the fabrics you chose. They are lovely.

  6. It`s absolutely wonderful, and the name is perfect

  7. that's GORGEOUS, Patty! wow...I can hardly believe it was just 2 charm packs, was it easy to follow?

  8. I love this pattern! Schnibbles is a great pattern line. Wait till you get Schnibbles 2!!


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