Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Killer Robots

It was a cold and rainy day here in NC on Saturday and I managed to make good use of the indoor time for a couple of projects.  For starters, I made a good dent in my Fat Quarter Shop 12 Days of Christmas BOM.  Yes, this was last year's BOM.  Yes, I am way behind.  I've now got 8 blocks done, 3 more cut out and ready to sew and then 1 more to cut and sew.  I want to get this done by the end of November and already reserved a slot with my LAQ for Dec 1.

I also whipped together a mini birthday gift for my DH.   Family joke around Killer Robots (don't ask) so I made two pot holders to use on our dinner table.  I just love this Robotics fabric.  I am fussy cutting each of these robots.

Happy Birthday to my DH!!

Happy Stitching!


  1. Love the killer robot pot holders... happy birthday to your DH!

  2. What cute potholders! I love having inside jokes with my family. How fun to make potholders to go along with it.


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