Sunday, August 21, 2011

The ultimate giveaway

Green Fairy Quilts is getting ready for their annual trip to Romania to support an orphanage  with quilts and money for food and school supplies.  Judi is having a giveaway and donating to the cause gives you extra entries.  Judi and her husband are very generous of their time and support - the ultimate giveaway!  For more information, visit her post!  My compliments to Judi and all the wonderful people who donated quilts and money to support their mission.

Judi's blog is one that I follow daily.  She does amazing long arm quilting and has very fun quilt patterns.  Her on-line store is a source for many of the precuts I purchase.

I found a fun envelope in my mail box yesterday.  Earlier in the summer I won a giveaway at Retromummy.  Corrie is another one of my favorite bloggers - she is quite the busy lady, has the most adorable children and is generous with information (and giveaways!).   Corrie, Thanks!!

My DD (13) picks up one of the charm packs and says
'Ooooohhhh!  I just love this fabric!  Make me something with it!'.  

'What?', I asked.

'I don't care.  Just something.  This fabric is so ME!'

Smile.  She is my daughter!

Happy Stitching!

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  1. Don't you just love that your DD says stuff like "This fabric is so ME!" That gene skipped a generation in my family but my youngest granddaughter got it full force... and I can tell even tho she is just five!


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