Sunday, August 7, 2011


My son is about to leave to start his freshman year of college.

He is my oldest of 3 so the house will not be empty when he leaves ,,,,  but it will be emptier.

I made him a quilt.  Introducing Infinite, binding attached and all beautiful after a trip through the washer and dryer.  (No idea why this photo is turning sideways.)  The quilt is sized for a XL twin.

 Very pleased with the wonderful job by my LAQ.  She outlined the design beautifully.

 In the areas around the center, she did an overall intersecting rectangle design.

You can read more about this quite on this post.   It is a fractal, significant since my son will be studying math and computer science.  After much trial and error, I made templates.  The back is a soft flannel (he is my baby after all!).  All I need to do now is make a quilt label.

I had my Andy moment this weekend when I helped him start to organize his room to sort out what he was bringing and what he was leaving behind.  (Movie clip from Toy Story 3.)


Happy Stitching!


  1. The quilt is absolutely stunning... truly one of a kind! You son will be the envy of his entire dorm!

  2. Wow! That quilt turned out amazing!

  3. That is such an amazing quilt! Such a clever pattern! I know your son will treasure it for a life time.


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