Thursday, March 3, 2016

A View from my part of the World - March

I love to take photographs and enjoy experimenting with my camera.

I'm enjoying Soma'monthly challenge (Wandering Camera) to take my camera and wander about my world

For this month's pictures, I set off to find signs that spring was almost here!.

My favorite flower

Spring bud

Green green

Back yard

What is that bit of gray?  An insect cocoon?  NOPE.  Just fuzz.
Happy Valentine's Day to me from hubbie

Quilts can climb trees
Remember Fred from my last post?  He's taken a bride!

Fred & Wilma
And, finally, a picture with sound!  I took my bike out on Monday for the first time since November.  (What a beautiful leap year day weather!)

Check out the brief (12 seconds) video of Tree Frogs Sounds.  So I don't disappoint, you can't see the tree frogs, just hear them gossiping away!

There you go - this is a view from my part of the world.  

I'll be joining the linky part at Whims and Fancies here.

Happy Stitching!


  1. Thank you so much for linking up and sharing these beautiful photos. I love daffodils too. You name your plants! That is fun! I wish Fred and Wilma all the best :)


  2. That's my favorite flower, too. But it will take some time before we can see it here in Norway. Thanks for reminding me of spring.

  3. Good photos! I really love the valentines one, and the quilt climbing a tree. I love that you name your plants. Mine don't stay long enough for me to do that.

  4. Lovely photos: I love daffodils too. Here they are just coming into bloom but not yet fully open, so thanks for the preview.

  5. Yay for Fred finding a friend! You did a good job capturing Spring, ours was a bit too fleeting and I find myself squarely back in winter again! We have those tree frog sounds on our property but it will be months before we hear them. Thanks for sharing the beauty around you!!

  6. You have some lovely photos. I particularly like the Happy Valentines Day and Quilts Can Climb trees pics.

  7. Lovely photos. I can't wait for Spring!


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