Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Snapshots: Like Riding a Bike

As a kid, I used to love to bicycle.  BC (before children), my husband and I used to bike a lot.  I still have the bike - must be 25 years old - and I'm thinking about having it tuned up so I can ride again.

You can find this particular block here.

This block went together generally well except I managed to sew part of it upside down and didn't notice until the block was done.  A short pick of time with my seam ripper helped me take care of it.
I choose not to put printed fabric inside the wheels but will instead embroider on some bicycle tire spokes.

Here are the first set of blocks -

and the next set.

The camera was intended for the back but I think I am going to put it on the front and move the ice cream to the back.

I just got the background fabric for this quilt - found a really great deal.   I need to frame the camera and bicycle and then I think I'll assemble the top half of the quilt!

You can find more information on the Fat Quarter Shop page.  Besides the fun of building the quilt, this is all about donating to St Jude.

Happy Stitching!


  1. I was wondering what made yours look different, I love the tires!

  2. I love this block! And I am loving how this is coming together :)


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