Friday, November 21, 2014

Stars and more stars!!

Houston - we have star quilts!

In May, I blogged about NASA Astronaut Karen Nyberg and the star quilt block she created while on the International Space Station.    (See a video of Nyberg--with her block--on board the ISS!

You were invited to create a star block of your own and send it in to be joined with hers to make a quilt.   I read that 2,200 people sent in blocks so they got a whole series of quilts which displayed at the Houston Quilt Festival in October.  You can see this amazing series of these quilts on Facebook.

This was the block I submitted using my precious TARDIS fabric.

And here it is in one of those quilts!  So, so cool!!

I think this is so cool!

Happy Stitching!


  1. Yeah,,,,,, that sure IS cool! How nice to see it included in one of the quilts. Great job!


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