Friday, May 2, 2014

To Infinity and Beyond

When I was growing up, I wanted to be an astronaut.   I was fascinated with all things NASA.  The dream of flying through the stars didn't last into my college days - although I did want to work for NASA if I could do so and keep both feet on the ground!

So I was excited when I first heard about NASA Astronaut Karen Nyberg and the star quilt block she created while on the International Space Station.    (See a video of Nyberg--with her block--on board the ISS!

Now you can make a block which will join her block in a large quit.  I used scraps of my TARDIS fabric and who better to show it off then Buzz?

The instructions including mailing information can be found here.

Did you know you can see the International Space Station in the night sky?  We've seen it several times  - including when the shuttle was chasing it.   NASA has a website that will tell you when and where to look up.  I have an email alert sent and last week we watched it for 4 mins as it moved across the sky.  Unlike a plane going overhead, the station doesn't have lights so you are seeing the sun's light reflected which means the exact time it passes over relative to the sunset is key.  Really cool stuff for a girl who wanted to be an astronaut!


  1. I have seen the ISS pass over also. It is pretty cool.

  2. What a cool thing to do... quilting in space! I wanted to go into space when I was a kid but, like you, that didn't last past my teen years. I still would like to fly into space but that probably won't happen in my life time... altho I did see an online article yesterday about a concept commercial/passenger ship. I was ready to sign up when I saw it... *lol*

    How cool that you're contributing to the out-of-this-world quilt.. and Buzz is the perfect block model!

  3. My friend's daughter is a HUGE Dr. Who fan. Where can I get the tardis fabric? Hi, I am RenaissanceSandi...and I am one of your fellow bloggers for the American Made Brand Solids Blog Tour. Please stop by and follow my blog, if you like.


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