Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Bonnie Hunter's new mystery quilt

Bonnie Hunter has announced her new mystery quilt.  Her colors are pink, green, turquoise and yellow with the use of black and a white or cream.   I want to use the Fig Tree Somerset line.  I need 4 contrasting colors and then will use the dark brown as the black.

I tore open a mini charm pack to look at color selections.

Seems like a lot of contrast laid out that way.  But not so much laid out this way.  Since it is a mystery, I'll have no control.

So thinking about the gray-ish color instead.

Which combination do you like best?  Do you think the bottom one has enough contrast?

Happy Stitching!


  1. I like the one with grey best.The top one makes it look too green, I think.

  2. Go with your gut...since it's a mystery, it's hard to say :) I am sitting this one out as I still need to finish the backing and quilt the Celtic solstice one! If it was me, I'd stick with the green but I really love a good contrast.

  3. To check for contrast try turning your photo into a black and white photo. That will show if you have enough contrast and change in values.
    And remember that Bonnie uses a range of fabrics---from dark to light ---in her chosen color family to create enough contrast.


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