Friday, April 25, 2014

Hello Sweetie!

Hello Sweetie!

My Dr Who quilt is all done!  I had a blast quilting and thread painting all of the blocks and then went with a basic straight line quilting for the background.  I like how some of the items like the book and the scarf seem to just be floating since there is no defined background.

The blocks were all paper pieced and came from the Dr Who paper piecing quilt along.

I have this hanging in our bonus room where I can see it from my sewing corner.  I put the Weeping Angel on the edge so she is looking towards the corner of the room where the dust bunnies live.  The fish tank right below her should be safe - fish don't have eye lids and therefore can't blink!

My previous blog posts (here, here & here) have close up photos of the individual blocks.

Quilting this quilt top was my ALYOF goal for April - I'll be linking up here!   (Here is the link to my goal post.)

Happy Stitching!


  1. This looks fantastic :) Great idea about the angel...a safe zone, indeed though your ceiling may be in danger from the dalek!

  2. Fabulous finish on your Dr. Who quilt and it looks great on the wall! Congratulations!

  3. It looks wonderful! Here's hoping the fish eyes keep the angels in check!


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