Friday, April 4, 2014

Basting away

Tried a new method for basting that I saw on my friend Frieda's blog.   I secure down the 3 layers on a large piece of sewing cardboard using binder clips.  This worked really well!!!  (Watching Frozen on my iPad while I worked was an added bonus!)

I was able to put it up on my kitchen island.  Nothing slipped around.  No tape to mess with.  And I didn't have to crawl all over the floor!

I used a mix of bent safety pins and straight pins with my pinmors.   Didn't quite have enough but I think it will work.

This is my Dr Who quilt.  Had a little fun with this Cyberman - he doesn't look too scary in this photo, does he?

Rest assured, he is as menacing as ever!

Quilting this quilt top is my ALYOF goal for April - I'll be linking up here!   The blocks were all paper pieced and came from the Dr Who paper piecing quilt along.

Happy Stitching!

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  1. I'm glad the binder clip thing worked for you. Definitely makes it easier to be able to sit and pin-baste...

    This is going to be a fab quilt... looking forward to seeing how you quilt it!



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