Friday, March 28, 2014


I like going in circles.

Did circular quilting again on this month's Schnibble.   The pattern is called Hook but my Schnibble is called Sparkle!

I did it smaller that the pattern called for and it is 26" by 29".  I am thinking about a red binding or a solid blue.

I just finished reading Sue Monk's The Invention of Wings.  It is a wonderful book set in Charleston prior to the start of the Civil War.  One of the key characters is a quilter.

Happy Stitching!


  1. I'm not crazy about red but I think it would make it pop. Great job.

  2. I am a big fan of red, my last 2 quilts were sashed in red and the recipients loved them. I haven't touched my sewing for what feels like months because of the decorating. I have promised myself a whole day of sewing, with breaks for walking Ben and cups of tea, the minute the last corner is completed and the paraphernalia has been put away. Thankfully I have my crochet and knitting for Bramble in the evenings, I might go stir crazy otherwise.

    1. I vote for red too!

      As for your circle quilting: Do you mark the first circle and then use the first circle as a guide for the next one? Just curious...


    2. I marked the first circle by taking a small bowl - maybe 4 inches across. Since it is a spiral, I go almost around but don't quite close the circle and then keep going around to spiral it outwards. Once the outer circle is done, i pick up where I started and go the other way! I've tried this with my walking foot and my FMQ foot and find I like the results with my walking foot best.

      I also purposely started the first circle noticeably off center because I wasn't confident I could be perfectly centered! :-)

  3. The circular quilting is grat on this - it's gorgeous :-) I like the idea of the red binding too- will be interested to see which you choose!

  4. Ooh really nice! I like your bright colours in Sparkle and think it look great smaller sized. I love the spiral quilting. I've done it twice now. Not quick but so effective. I've only ever done them with a walking foot.


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