Friday, February 21, 2014

Time to shop my stash!

I've been working on cleaning up my sewing spot and discovering fabric I forgot I actually had.  


I bought two packages of these comic book boards and now have my fabric all on display.  Very fun to shop my stash now!  Still some organization to do but getting so much better!

And given that I used 200 boards and can still use more(!), I am going to concentrate on using my stash for awhile and resist major fabric purchases. (And for the record, I said 'major'... I will give myself permission for a little fabric treat now and then.)

Finally, some boxes for my shelf.  The larger ones are project boxes and the smaller ones are getting some scraps organized.

Now off to sew!

Happy Stitching!


  1. I'm just finishing a similar project - that I started last August! Now to rearrange the room so I can actually SEE what's on those shelves!

  2. I did that a while ago, looking for a particular fabric and found a pack of half yard cuts that I had forgotten about. I have looked around for those comic book boards and found nothing like them I will have to get creative. The shelves for my fabric are up and gathering dust!


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