Friday, February 14, 2014

Happy Valentine's Day

Happy Valentine's Day!!

I've been working on organizing my creative space (i.e. corner of our bonus room) over the last few weeks and found a panel from what I think was a Sandy Gervais line from a few years ago.   Looked like a great project to practice my FMQ.   Here is a close up of my in progress.  I outlined the shapes and then filled in the remaining area with an all over meander.

I did the FMQ over two sessions and it was quite a lot of fun.  I did manage to fold over and quilt part of the fold over  without realizing it.  But quick work by my seam ripper and a requilt and you'd never know I had the mishap!    

I cut off the Happy Valentine's Day part of the panel and will use this in a table runner or another smaller quilt in the future.

Did some fancy heart stitches for the border.

Enjoy the day - may it be filled with fabric and roses.

And may spring arrive SOON!

We had snow then sleet & ice and then more snow over the last two days.   Woke up to a world all covered in ice.   I didn't go into the office so avoided all the craziness.  But I also did work from home so didn't get to my machine.  

Happy Stitching!


  1. Very good idea to practice FMQ-ing on a panel like that! Love how it turned out.. the outline quilting was a great idea! I also like your fancy little hearts on the binding...

    Hopefully, all the snow and ice will melt today... or at least enough to make us mobile again.

  2. This looks great....I would not know it was a panel if you had not said so. The fold over happens to all of us at some point.....glad you could fix it easily.

  3. Beautiful work! I bought an FMQ foot, but having tried it quickly only once I'm still feeling timid. I can see it would be easier on a small object rather than a full quilt (at least to begin with LOL), guess there will some mini quilt hangings in my near future.


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