Friday, October 11, 2013

My to do list!

I just discovered another motivator to get projects complete.  Leanne from she can quilt has been running a Finish A Long all year.  You set goals for the quarter and then get an entry for each finish into a giveaway.  I decided to give it a try - this time of year is always a busy one for secret gift making. 

I've 4 quilts ready to bind and one more I'll have back from my LAQ.   I will make Christmas gifts for my mom and sisters.  I've a fun idea in mind that involves lots of zippers so will need to get in assembly line mode there!

Here is my list:

  1. Bind my quilt Summer (made with Noteworthy by Sweetwater)
  2. Bind my quilt Middle Sister (made with Tapestry)
  3. Bind a Tisket A Tasket  (made with moda Flats)
  4. Bind Sew Fun (made with Moda Mama Said Sew)
  5. Bind New Jersey
  6. Make secret holiday gifts for the ladies in my family - will need to make 8!!
  7. Participate in Bonnie Hunter's Mystery QAL and get the blocks all made
  8. Create a few mini quilts as friend and neighbor gifts
  9. Create fabric postcards
  10. Have a cup of tea and a glass of wine.  (Not sure I get credit for that!)


Middle Sister

A Tisket A Tasket

Sewing Fun


  1. Beautiful quilts... and a goodly list to work on... esp since one is Bonnie Hunter's new mystery quilt! I'll be rooting for you...

  2. An admireable list Patty - and what a lot of beautiful quilts (and gifts) you will have when you've worked your way through the list :-)

  3. Wow, a lot to do. I hope you get at least some of it finished. And of course fit in time for the wine and tea too. ;-)


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