Monday, May 27, 2013

V4W - A Block Inventory

Easy block this week from th Votes for Women  block of the week.  This one is called Endless Steps and would be an easy block to assemble in an overall quilt.

Now for the block inventory.   I assembled 20 of the blocks into units of 4.   Here  are the five units: 

I spent time looking at all my blocks and will likely not use these three blocks.  The Umbrella block will become my quilt label.  The other two  - I'm just not happy with the quality of my block.  I could remake but the number of little pieces in that sunflower block scares me.  Maybe I could just redo the center - will play with that a little.

Finally, these six blocks - including this weeks - are in good shape but need some blue blocks before they can be assembled into 4 block units.

Since I skipped Sunbonnet Sue and won't use the 3 above, that puts my possible block count at 45.  Clearly 42 is a good number ( 6 by 7 blocks layout) which means there are 3 blocks out of the upcoming ten that I can skip or I can decide not to use some of these blocks.    Then I've nine blocks finished at something less than 8 1/2 inches so need to frame them to size them up before I put the triangles to get them on point.  While I like the way the tea cup block looks, that is also a candidate for not being included.

Happy Stitching!

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  1. This is coming out wonderful. I don't know why but I don't like the sunbonnet sue blocks. Just me.


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