Friday, December 21, 2012

Gifts for under the tree

I always enjoy making gifts for Christmas for family.  Since some of them read my blog - hi Mom! - I'll blog about several of these gifts in the new year.

I can show you the small bags I made for two of my kids.

The fabric is from Spoonflower and both are references to Dr. Who.

I've made many a bag but this was the first time I tried to do one with a lining.  It was an adventure and not all together a good one.  I need to really think about the logistics around the zipper and the lining for the next time.

Next up is finishing the binding on this quilt for my middle one.  She has seen the quilt, helped me pick it up from the LAQ but it will still be wrapped and under the tree.

The pattern is an Irish Chain and the fabric is Marmalade.  The back is a nice soft flannel.  The binding is attached and now I need to sew it down.  Will put a nice movie on the tv and sit and sew.

Happy Stitching!


  1. I watched "White Christmas" for the 1st time from start to finish the other night while sewing binding. It was a great way to end a busy day!

  2. Delightful little purses. Love your Irish chain. (Must try one next year.)
    Merry Christmas, Patty :)


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