Monday, September 10, 2012

Amethyst : V4W Block 2

Block two from Barbara Brackman's Grandmother's Choice - Votes for Women Block of the Week was a tad frustrating and the seam ripper was my friend.

First up I had to print the template about 15 times to get the % I needed to get the block the dimension I wanted.  (For my printer, this was 125%.)   Fabric choice (Moda Vintage Modern) was easy - I thought the center fabric would resemble what you would see looking through a kaleidoscope.

Y seams and the template almost did me in.  Things were looking good at this point....

But my first attempt ended up with a block that did not lie flat.  I carefully removed most of the seams, googgled instructions on Y seams and took a second try.  This second attempt is much better.  The block essentially lies flat - however is it not square.  I will square it and then put sashing of some sort around it to get it to the right size.

I also got some blocks done for my AYOS Speck project.  

Happy Stitching!


  1. Congratulations on tackling the Y-seam challenge so successfully! Onward and upward...

  2. Lord, I thought they did away with Y-seams, good job you were able to get through it. Blocks look great.


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