Friday, July 13, 2012

Seattle Quilting

Last week, the family and I were able to escape the heat that settled over NC and went to visit Seattle!

We saw beautiful mountains - these are the Olympic Mtns taken from Hurricane Ridge.

Visited Pike Place Market where we found wonderful fruit and the very first Starbuck's store!  (The lines were much too long to get a beverage.)

Inside the market was a small quilt store.  This store had more quilt patterns then I've ever seen in one place along with kits.  I didn't purchase anything - just enjoyed looking.

We rode the ferry to Bainbridge Island where I found a small fabric / quilt store called Esther's Fabrics.  (This store was convienantly located across the street from a wonderful bakery.  I left my family in good hands while I shopped!)

I picked up a Seattle themed fat quarter (Timeless Treasures) plus a pin case.

In the town of Port Angeles, I found the sweetest quilt shop - my favorite of the three.  This store carried lines from many of my favorite designers and then some new ones.  It is probably a good idea that I was just visiting - otherwise I'd spend far too much money there.  The inside was even nicer than the outside.

I picked up about 6 fat quarters, just because!

After a week touring the area, it was time to go home.  Right before entering security at the airport, I stumbled into a beautiful quilt exhibit.  Captured two of my favorites - the quilts were in a glass display so excuse the photo quality.

This one was amazing - by Jennifer Livingston and called Denali Alaska.

This one by Bonnie Buckman was called Geology 4.

Has anyone else been lucky enough to see these quilts in the airport?

The weather in Seattle was chilly with some rain until the very last day we were there.  Then, it became all about seeing the 'mountain'.  We were treated to amazing views including this one shot of Mt Rainier from the airplane as we headed for home.

Happy Stitching!


  1. What fun you must have had! What beautiful scenry! And you escaped the heat too... wtg!

  2. Awesome pictures! Washington State! What a great holiday!!!

  3. The little shop, the quilts at the airport, wow you did good!


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