Tuesday, July 31, 2012


It was free choice month for Another Year of Schnibbles.

At first, I found that exciting - there are so many wonderful Schnibbles patterns I've not yet tried and I've the charm pack stash.  However, I was in the midst of my queen size Schnibble of the Lincoln pattern.  There was no way I was going to finish that in July so that wouldn't quality.  As the month went by and I hadn't made my choice, I decided to make a mini Schnibble using one of my favorite blocks so far.

I call this mini Popsicle.  It is the card trick block from Schnibbles Doc and using charms from My Sister & Me.

I am looking forward to the parade and glad our AYOS hosts Sinta and Sherri make the choice for August. (smile)

Today's day two of the Think Christmas blog hop!  Grab a cup of Hot Chocolate and visit these talented quilters:

(To see the whole week's schedule visit Santa Leslie.)  My day is TOMORROW, Wednesday, August 1!

Happy Stitching!


  1. What a sweet little quilt!
    I'm looking forward to what you post tomorrow!

  2. I adore your Doc mini-quilt! Your quilting is fabulous...wish you lived next door, cause I have a lot of projects you could practice on! Alas, my Schnibbles will not be ready...but we are ready for you for tomorrow's Think Christmas blog hop! Can't wait to see your creations and thanks so much for promoting it! It has been soooo much fun and we're only at the start!

  3. Your mini quilt is perfect! I'm loving the names and the colors :-)


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