Wednesday, March 28, 2012


Remember Romance?  I mean my quilt Romance?

In this photo, it measures 8 blocks by 5 blocks and the final size I am aiming for is 8 blocks by 7 blocks.  (These are 9 inch blocks.)

I made another 8 blocks this weekend but paused before I cut any more fabrics.  The question is whether or not I have enough to get 8 more blocks.

I have a 9 inch wide of the floral and about 11 inches wide of the red.   I already a couple of HST that I didn't yet use, some of the tan floral 4 inch squares and one 2 inch strip of the red.   I also have some reject 4 patch blocks where things didn't line up so well that could perhaps be repaired.   I am pretty sure I can make this work but decided to step back and really plan before I cut any more fabric.  I am NOT buying anymore!

Have a good week.

Happy Stitching!


  1. Gotta love a challenge, huh? Same thing happened to me when I got to the last blocks... I even had to sew scraps together to make fabric big enough for squares...

    Take your time... you can make this work!!!

  2. I am writing out how much material i am using. I am loving the blue and white one I am making. I have done 2 rows with 8 across. Thinking do I need borders too.

  3. You can give it a shot. If you don't have enough, you can use them in the backing. Good way to use up all the fabric. Pretty too.


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