Monday, December 5, 2011

Christmas Candy

Completed the binding on my Christmas Candy quilt.  (Colors aren't showing true in what turned out to be a very sunny photo shoot.)

I pieced this last year using charm packs of 12 Days of Christmas.  It is a Schnibble (although I'm not sure which one!)  I recently quilted and attached the binding.

I also finished a pencil bag for my nephew's birthday - only a few days late.

(Pictured is a Dalek from Dr. Who.)

Happy Stitching!

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  1. I just read some of your posts and saw that you needed to bind some of your quilts. Go to my blog and read how I machined bound my quilt. It is so nice and easy.My blog is My site isn't fancy. I don't know how to make a blog site like yours. I had a gal from Russia help me fix up my site a little but I'm not computer savvy. I wish I was. So it looks a bit Fred Flintstone like, but the post about the binding is something I want to spread around. I do not like binding my quilts. They lay around without binding for months and then I usually pay someone to bind them (shame on me). But with this way of binding, I love it and am going to bind them myself. I did this binding in one day. I cut, sewed, ironed, sewed it on, turned it over to the front and sewed it on and it looks great. The pictures don't do it justice. It leaves a flap that looks like you sewed it on the quilt before you did the binding. Please check it out. I know you'll like it. I know machine binding isn't something people like to do, but this method really adds to the quilt. Thanks for all the hard work you do on your blog. Your pictures are beautiful. I only use my cell phone and it doesn't take great pictures. Someday I am going to hire someone to fix up my blog and teach me how to add links and other things to it but for now, I just want you to read the first post. Thanks so much, Jeanne, a long time follower


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