Thursday, September 15, 2011

Zig Zag Bag

I am in between major quilt projects so have been spending time on some smaller fun things.

My daughter always has to have at least one book and her Nook with her on any car ride.  She asked for a bag that would make it easier to keep all her stuff together so that it didn't get lost in the general car clutter.

I had great fun putting this together.  I've been experimenting with line quilting (is this the name?) instead of FMQ and just love the texture of this bag.  Essentially, with my walking foot, I started in the center and kept straight line spiraling out the design.

Dimensions are roughly 12 by 10 by 2.   I completely made this up as I went.    

Different item - for those of you who live in North Carolina, have you heard about  Quilt Carolina which runs from September 15-24th.  Visiting any or all of the 9 quilt stores participating can earn you savings on your purchases and the chance to win great prizes.  You need to purchase a passport for $15 to enter.  This passport gives you a banner pattern and then each store you visit give you a banner block coupon.

Happy Stitching!


  1. Love the zigzag bag you made for your daughter... I'm SURE she loved it!

    I like the straight-line quilting too... so many options and such fun to do!

  2. What a great little bag! Good job!

  3. has your son left for college yet? how is he doing? My Montana boy emailed the other day to say how grateful he is to have his quilt out there with him. Precious words for this mom's heart :)


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