Sunday, May 1, 2011

May Day

Welcome to May!  Has anyone seen where April went?

I picked up my Sunny Days of Summer quilt from my long arm quilter - Cathy Kirk - yesterday.  Once again, she did an amazing job.  Full photo shoot coming to the blog after I attach the binding.  For now, look at this yummy quilting.  (The fabric is Sunkissed by Sweetwater.)

Did you catch the royal wedding?  I had a 6am flight on Friday that got delayed so much that I was able to watch the wedding.  30 years ago (yes, I am that old) I watched Dianna get married.  I thought it was a beautiful wedding and thought they managed a few private moments amongst the fanfare.

Finally, congratulations to Melinda from Georgia who won the 2 mini charm packs of Sherbet Pips.  I really enjoyed having a mini giveaway to celebrate 6 months of blogging.  It was great to get comments from different places in the world!

Happy Stitching!


  1. Oooo... love your quilt AND the quilting... very nice!

    Congrats to Melinda!

    Watched the wedding later in the day online... and I love the photo you posted... very charming picture with all the little ones!

  2. Wow you are an amazing quilter!!! I'll admit that I really want to learn that skill better. Thanks so much for commenting on my sharing post last week. I'm looking forward to seeing more of your lovely quilts in the future!!


  3. Thank you Patty! I can't wait to get my little treat in the mail. Keep on blogging!


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