Friday, May 6, 2016

A View from my (rainy) part of the world - May

The month of May has been rainy so far.  Very rainy.   And the rain has made everything green, a deep glorious green.

So I decided to capture flowers and plants around my home with a goal of capturing all the differnt greens as well as the raindrops.

Newly planted hosta in my new garden - water pooling on the leaf.  It looks happy and healthy so far.

Raindrops suspended, clinging to a leaf
More raindrops, this time from the underside of a leaf

Love this rosebush - no maintenance required and it blooms all spring & summer.
 The rosebush loves the rain
Magnolia flower ready to bloom against a backdrop of more green
A magnolia flower with what actually appears to be a bit of blue sky behind it!  

Safely tucked on my front porch, my geraniums are happy.  (As long as I remember to water them!)

There you go - this is a view from my part of the world.   Rainy and very, very green!

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I'll be joining the linky part at Whims and Fancies here.

Happy Stitching!


  1. Thank you so much for linking up on Wandering Camera! What a great idea of capturing different greens and raindrops with your camera. Love the photos. So pretty!


  2. Gorgeous glorious plants and flowers! Happy spring :)

  3. Beautiful photos of the plants and flowers in your yard! Your trees are filled in much more than ours at this time. I love magnolias, and I always marvel at one that my neighbour has across the road from me ... it's in full bloom now, but it's too bad they don't last very long in flower. Enjoy your week!


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