Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Fun FMQing

In a recent clean up of my sewing space, I discovered many things I'd forgotten about including a set of fat quarters that I had always intended to sew into a donation quilt.

I used a disappearing 9 patch block (so fun and fast!) and had my baby quilt assembled in no time!   For the backing I choose a yellow gingham that I found in my stash.

I had so much fun this weekend FMQ this one.  It was big enough to feel challenging on how to move the quilt around but not too big to feel overwhelming.

More photos once I get the binding on.  Trying to decide between a (very) scrappy binding or a solid blue or green based on the best match I can find in my stash.

I will be donating this quilt with a goal of finishing it soon.

The majority of my sewing (quilts or otherwise) is for friends and family.  Many of them have been gifted to celebrate happy occasions like significant birthdays.  But others have been gifted to offer a long distance hug to someone who is going through a tough time or perhaps an illness.

I think of this as a handmade hug.  A gift that keeps on giving because each time it is used, the giftee gets to remember how much someone cared about them.

Is that how you think about your quilts when you gift them?

Throughout the month of February I want to celebrate giving quilts and other handmade items to those who need a hug.  On my Elm Street Quilts blog, I'm calling this Hugs.

Will you help me spread the word and turn February into a month of handmade hugs?

Happy Stitching!

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  1. That looks like a great donation quilt! That has been my focus for January,finishing some of my ufo tops and donating the quilts - it feels good to get some finishes and provide comfort to others :)


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