Friday, September 11, 2015


This.was by far my favorite block.   The dog house was easy to assemble and Snoopy himself didn't have too many parts.

Woodstock, however?  When I first saw the many small pieces I thought I would just leave him off.

But I left him for last and took a break before I started.  And I'm so glad I made him!

All those pieces in his hair (do you call it hair?) turned out to not be quite as scary to put together as I first thought - although I did loose a bit of the spikiness.  But he is clearly Woodstock! 

I am going to assemble all my blocks together like they are in a big group photo - at least that is the idea.   Fingers crossed it works!   I had to order more of the background fabric so I'll wait (patiently) for it to arrive.

Join the fun on this one here - the Peanuts patterns are a terrific design by Alida from Tweety Loves Quilting..  

Happy Stitching!


  1. Lovely! I am glad that you decided to give it a try with the tiny pieces: I found out that those (most of the times) look much more scary than they actually are! I designed the piece to be easy everywhere else to encourage people to overcome the fear of tiny PP pieces ;) Looking forward to see the happy bunch in the final project!!

  2. Bird hair = adorable :) Love this block, can't wait to see your "group photo"!

  3. Love these blocks, didn't see them before. thanks for linking up.

  4. Love them in a matching blue background. I still have to make snoopy...just a tad behind.


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