Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Farming 1930's style

I had so much fun climbing back onto the farming wagon.

Here is Addie (block 1):

and Aimee (block 2)

I really enjoy paper piecing and find these small blocks quite fun to assemble.  Neither of these were too difficult although there are some tough ones yet to come!

I'm thinking of doing two blocks a week and will be following along with the  VeryKerryBerry QAL which is doing the blocks in the order they are in the book.  (Kerry had some great paper piecing tips on the first post.)   I like doing them in this order because I won't let myself skip a block even if it looks difficult!! There is a second QAL from Gnome Angel which will do the blocks in a different order.

The fabric I've started with is from an older Fig Tree line.  I will need to buy more fabric.  (smile)

Happy Stitching!


  1. I have lots of Fig Tree but that is a line I missed, it looks like it will make beautiful dramatic blocks. I like your background choice :) I am using a Moda white because I wanted to "stash" this quilt but would have liked to have something with a subtle pattern, I think. So far so good but I am having trouble with Miss Alice!

  2. Those blocks are cool, especially the first one. Gave me an idea for a star-quilt I am putting together. I also love your background choice. Happy stitching indeed!

  3. My book came in the mail today, but I'm a little behind because I haven't started the first farmers wife yet! I need to de idea what I'm doing and fast. Your blocks will be gorgeous. All Fig Tree quilts are.


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