Friday, July 3, 2015

the beach!

My family is wrapping up our annual trip to the beach.  We rented a home in the NC Outer Banks in Corolla.

Have you ever heard of the wild horses in NC?  They roam free just north of the fence in the photo above.  Every morning, I walk up and climb through the fence hoping for a peek at the horses.  Saw one on top of a dune but he moved before I got a photo.

I've spent hours looking for sea glass and found a couple of pieces so far, including 2 brown ones and 1 green piece - first time I found something that wasn't just clear glass.   Walking slowly through scattered shells and shell fragments, hoping for a treasure!

We've seen dolphins swim by most days.  (And thankfully, no sharks.)

There are a variety of birds that keep you entertained as they dive into the ocean for their meal.

The guy on the front post is busy drying off his wings... or perhaps showing off his beach physique!

My son was able to join us which has been really nice.

I brought my sewing machine along but didn't get as much done as I usually do.

Hope your week has gone well.

Happy Stitching!


  1. Oh, I love the Outer Banks! And the wild horses - they can be elusive at times. Glad you didn't see any sharks. Thanks for sharing the photos. ~Jeanne

  2. Love your pictures, thank you for sharing.


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