Monday, April 13, 2015

The End - Farmer's Wife 109 - 111

Happy dance!!

#109 - Windows

#110 -  Wood Lily - this one had 57 pieces!  I pieced across 3 different sit downs at the machine.  Used lots of tiny pieces of fabric!

#111 -  Wrench

The end.   I am so glad that I made all of these blocks.  So much fun.  Paper piecing was the only way to go.

Happy Stitching!


  1. Gotta love an ending with a churndash...or wrench, as it is...hearty handshake to you my friend...great job making it to 111...

  2. What an accomplishment! Congratulations.

  3. well done on completing them all! I look forward to seeing the finished quilt

  4. Congratulations! Not only is this a major accomplishment but it took you on a wonderful journey. You may have given me the push I need to order the book and give it a go. Rina

  5. Woohoo - well done!! I've only got about 12 made so far! I look foward to seeing how you put them together.


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