Friday, March 13, 2015

Farmer's Wife 94 - 96

Blue blocks!!!!!!

These were all a lot of fun to make.

#94 - Tall Pine Tree

#95 - Temperance Tree

#96 - Tulip

A few weeks ago, I posted a fabric wanted post because I was out of both of the blue fabric from Vintage Modern I was using in the quilt.    (The photo below is the truest fabric color.)

Julie from Calgary had a F8 of the blue dot and generously sent it to me along with a couple of other pieces from the Vintage Modern line.  Wasn't that wonderful?  I used that F8 to make these 3 blocks and used slightly less that half of it.  I should easily get another 3-4 blocks out of what is left.   Whew!

Rina, another new blogging friend, sent fabric too but somehow the US post office hasn't delivered it after several weeks.  :-(

I so much appreciate my new friends sending along some fabric.

Happy Stitching!


  1. Wow! So close to 100 :) Number 95 sure looks like a lot of pieces!

  2. Love the fabrics as well as the blocks!!!

  3. Love your blue blocks and your rationing is epic! Glad to help and enjoying seeing your progress... keep up the great work :)


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