Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Here a bag

Here's a bag...

there's a bag...

Couldn't resist making two more in slightly different dimensions.

Don't you love it when the kids ask for you to make them something?  (At least when it is small and you've time and interest to make a small project?)  My daughter wanted a little bag to put her rings in during dance class at school.   I made her the red bag and it hooks to her backpack.   The other bag is for me (about 5" long) and is from a mini charm of Horizons.

See how they compare to the typical sized boxy bag I've made?

Such fun!

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Happy Stitching!


  1. Making bags too today! Just finished the second big one. There was some bloodshed, ouch! Let's just say that the bags are pretty but for the rest, it is not a fab day! 😦 Hope that the party tonight makes up for it! The birthday girl will get the boxy pouches.

  2. I need to make a new shave kit for myself.... my old one (a commercially made one, which I have had for many years) is finally falling apart.
    I just can't convince myself to start on it.


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