Monday, October 27, 2014

From the farm - blocks 45 - 47

Continuing my farm progress.  Seeing these blocks might get a bit boring for everyone but I love the blog as a way to record my progress.

#45 - Grape Basket - There sure have been a lot of basket so far.  This one was fun

#46 - Hill and Valley

#47 - Homemaker - the dreaded y seam.  Boy was this a tough block! And it is certainly crooked.  Perhaps I'll make it again.  (And no idea where that slightly large piece of red scrap came from.)

As I've finished each group of 20, I frame each one of them to either put them on point or put sashing around them.  Those that are sized well get the sashing which allows me to then cut them down to the right size.

Here are my first 40 blocks so far.  There is a LOT of red.  Better placement would help but I also think I need more blocks with gray.

Happy Stitching!


  1. Ah, I know what you mean on those y seams...they seem to either work out perfect or not at all for in-between.

  2. I love seeing your progress. Keep them coming!!


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