Friday, October 10, 2014

50 states

Remember the 50 state license plate blog tour to show off American Brand Fabrics?   My NC block is on my side bar with a link to the free pattern.

My block and the 49 other blocks is now in an official quilt!!

Picture from the Works

See those lighthouses in the blue block 4 rows up from the bottom?  That is mine!

But doesn't everything look fabulous together.  I love the way each block was first framed in gray and then the white sashing.  The red and blue borders bring the whole color patriotic color palette together.

Picture from The Works

These pictures were from the blog The Works.  You can find information on how to get to the pattern  on that post.    

Here is the link to my original post back in May.   This quilt will show at Market - hope I get to actually see it some day.

Happy Stitching!


  1. Your block is beautiful and that quilt looks fabulous!


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