Monday, June 16, 2014

My boy is 21 today!

My oldest turns 21 today.

He was the recipient of one of my first quilts in 2006.  This was before blogging so I've a partially finished photo of it draped over a couch!  It was from the pattern Turning Twenty.  I made it while we were renting a house at the beach for a week. 

He was 13.   The quilt is still on his bed at home.  (Which means perhaps I could get a real photo of it!!)

In 2011, when he left for college, I made him this quilt - I call it Infinite.  This quilt lives at school.

You can read more about this quilt on this post.   It is a fractal, significant since my son is studying math and computer science.  After much trial and error, I made templates to assemble it.  The back is a soft flannel (he is my baby after all!).  

For Christmas 2013, I made him a Seattle quilt.  He has spent a couple of summers interning in Seattle and it is a special place for him.  This quilt lives in our family room - ready for him to come home for a visit and take over the couch!

Happy Birthday to my dear wonderful son!  

I love you and am very proud of you.

Happy Stitching!


  1. Happy birthday to your son! I made a quilt for myself last year to put in my dorm room and now it lives at school too!

  2. LOVE these quilts and pictures! My first thought upon seeing his first quilt was that you were going to say your son was under the quilt on the sofa. Sounds like he's a busy and successful guy, so congrats on a great job, mom! : )

  3. Nice quilts. I just left my baby boy (who will be 21 in October) in Seattle for a computer summer. His first away-from-home. I cried until almost Olympia (driving back to Portland). As I sewed him curtains for his new place, I realized he didn't have a quilt there with him. Need to solve that problem right away! Happy birthday to your son and good job you, on raising a good man!


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