Monday, March 10, 2014

Trial block

Image from Miss Rosie's
This month's Scnibble is Hook.  (image from here).  Those spinners are a lot of fun to make.  They look a bit intimidating but - as always - instructions are clear.  Carrie also posted some extra photos on her blog which was a tremendous help.

I used two charms from my scrap bin and made a sample block (adding a bit more to each end so perhaps I can use it in a project.)

I've a charm pack of Wishes that I think would look really good in for this quilt.

Also completed the next step in Melissa's Start Bright quilt-a-long -  these are the block corners.   I'm using Moda Scrumptious fabric.  Next step is block assembly.  I've laid things out and it looks great!  Time to start stitching it together.

Happy Stitching!


  1. looks like a great bit of progress!!

  2. those blocks are lovely- but they do look a bit intimidating!

  3. Your corners look fantastic. So perfectly pieced. And I can't wait to see your blocks come together. So exciting!!


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