Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Doctor Who

I am so excited to assemble my Doctor Who quilt top.  With these letters - each finish at 8 1/2 high by 6 1/2 wide - and my blocks below, I have what I hope will be a very fun quilt top to assemble.   Here is one version of a possible layout.

One thing I want to add in the borders of the quilt is some hand embroidered quotes.  Need some help on this one - do I do this to the quilt top flimsy?  or once it is quilted?

Assembling this quilt top will be my ALYOF goal for March - I'll be linking up here!

Happy Stitching!


  1. great letters, this is going to be a really fab quilt! Personally i'd embroider the flimsy before assembling the quilt. It'll be easier as you won't have to worry about going through to the back and popping the knots

  2. I now of the siers, Dr. WHO, but really have not watched it. I think the quilt will look great an maybe you should embrodier your word before the quilting.

  3. I've never embroidered on a top, so, no advice- but Wendy's up above seems very wise! I can't wait to start these blocks myself- they've been on my to do list for ages... Yours are awesome!


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