Thursday, January 2, 2014


The quilt I made for my son was a big hit Christmas morning.

All the fabrics were from my stash except the backing after I realized that the 4 yards of a soft dark brown fabric was actually no longer in my stash having been used that a quilt last year for my brother in law.  A quick trip to a local quilt store scored a nice gold fabric (on sale!) for the back.   This Seattle print was purchased 2 years ago on a trip.  You'll see I used it twice - those are outlines of the state of Washington appliqued onto the quilt.  My original goal was a single larger state of Washington but I couldn't seem to get it drawn out correctly.

The quilt is an original design although the word design implies I had a master plan.  I didn't.  I had the great Seattle print and an idea to make quilt blocks of letters spelling out Seattle.    The letters were 9 inches wide and 15 inches tall (finished).

I quilted in an all over stipple pattern and completed the quilting in about 3 hours.  These are large stipples and I was very happy with how my machine (and the operator!) did.  There was only one mess up and I caught it only 12 inches in so ripping back wasn't difficult.

I used a portion of the print to create the quilt label and then put the 'with love mom' on the quilt binding itself.  I also have my full name and date elsewhere on the binding.

This was my last big quilt finish of 2013!  I do very much appreciate all the encouraging comments I got along the way.  It took me just over 2 weeks from start to finish.  Not sure I ever made a quilt that fast before nor will I again!  Having a few days off of work certainly helped!  

This was the 8th quilt I made this year and the 4th that I quilted myself!

TARDIS and Tulips in row 1.

Dragonfly, SeaGlass and Tapestry in Row 2.

Summer, New Jersey and Seattle in Row 3.

I want to wish all of you a very happy and healthy 2014!!!!!

(Thanks to Mdmn Samm for the image!)

Happy Stitching!


  1. Beautiful quilts! I've always quilted my own; but only the 3 I finished in 2013 had anything other than straight lines on them. It's fun!

  2. Great job! It is so nice when they like what you make. Love seeing your quilts.

  3. That is one fabulous quilt! Congratulations on great finish... and all your great finishes for 2013! Ya done good....

  4. Your quilt came out very cool! I'm sure your son will cherish it :)

  5. Oh, well done! I'm a Seattle native myself and always love to see fun things reminding me of the home I love and left so long ago. Now I only get brief visits. What a lovely gift!

  6. Nice Job! Obviously you live in Seattle…spent a good 12 years up there in Redmond. You can really use those quilts up there. You did the quilting on your home machine? What kind do you have?


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