Monday, December 23, 2013

A slow start to Clue 4

Bonnie Hunter's clue 4 was to create pinwheels and HSTs.  While she offers two sizes this year - large and small -  I decided to start by making roughly half of the small.

With my color substitutions and making half of the small, this means I need 60 of these altogether.  Since I've pedal to the medal to finish my DS quilt by Christmas, I just made 10 of the 60 I will need to make.  You'll see my color scheme choice has gotten me right into the Christmas color mode!  Linking up to Bonnie's blog today.

I actually used these as a starter and ender as I finished piecing the quilt top for my DS.

I need to take advantage of DS sleeping in to get enough quilting time in by Christmas morning.  While he is home from school, he hangs out in the bonus room a lot with his computer / video games.  The problem with that is my sewing machine occupies a corner of the same room.

No one in my family pays much attention to what I am doing while I am sitting in front of the machine.  Here's hoping that continues over the next two days!

All the best to you.  Merry Christmas.

Happy Stitching!


  1. Lol! no one pays much attention to me or what I am sewing either! it looks marvelous! pls be sure to show us the finished quilt, ok?

  2. It is funny to think you could be making someone a gift right under their nose without them noticing! Hope you manage to get it done on time.

    Your 4-patches look very bright and happy!

  3. Love the colors you are using for the mystery, just lovely.

  4. The quilt for DS is looking great. I hope he loved it for Christmas? My kids are little so pay me heaps of attention when I'm trying to sew, asking if it's for them and if not could the next one be! Husband on the other hand hardly pays me a glance at what I'm working on ;-)


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