Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Dr Who Scarf

Yet another block in the  Whovian-inspired Quilt-Along from Caroline and Soma from Whims and Fancies and the Doctor.   I've never seen any of the episodes featuring the 4th doctor but everyone recognizes this impossibly long scarf as iconic Dr Who.

This block was quite fun to assemble.  I did cheat on the fringe bit.  In this little area about 2" long, there were supposed to be 20-25 scraps of fabric.  I went with about 10!

I've been selective on which blocks I've made - of the 11 posted so far, this is my 6th one.  I choose this one in honor on the major league Whovian living in my house - my DD (15) who is more than half way through knitting her very own Dr Who scarf! 

When complete, this scarf will be at least 12 feet long!

The best bit?  She and I like to sit and knit together while watching Downton Abbey (and Dr Who).  We are late to the Downton party so are working our way through Season 2.

And being the good mom that I am, I offered to make her a fun knitting bag from any fabric in my stash.  She said, no thanks.  She likes the knitting bag she is using.   (smile)

PS Here are my other completed  blocks.

Happy Stitching!


  1. I love both scarfs. What a wonderful job.

  2. Tom Baker is my all time favorite Doctor! You should watch some of his episodes. And just relax and enjoy the cheesy alien costumes!


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