Friday, October 25, 2013

Blogger's Quilt Festival - family

I'm excited to enter a quilt Amy's Creative Side Blogger's Quilt Festival! 

I am entering my quilt family in the wall hanging category.  I made this quilt last December as a Christmas gift for my mom and dad.  I just love sharing it again.  This quilt was my own design - not sure you'd find a tree shaped like this growing in the real world!  (smile)

At the roots of the tree are my grandparents.

The trunk is for my mom and dad.   (See the cute heart carved into the tree?)

There are seven kids - all girls - in my family so the tree has seven branches and then leaves for the 7 of us, our husbands and the collection of our 16 children.  

Everything was appliqued on.  The leaves have an extra layer of fusible batting to make them really pop.   I used my machine to put all the names on the leaves as well as the years each of the families branched out.

I think the tree came out really amazing just in and of itself.

But adding the word family to the bottom, makes the quilt even better.

Thanks for visiting.  Enjoy all the quilts that are available at the Blogger's Quilt Festival.  

Happy Stitching!


  1. This is so sweet Patty. What a beautiful way to pay tribute to your family.

  2. such a lovely gift! My family tree would look considerably less leafy ;-)

  3. I love this, I am suppose to do one for my Son..

  4. Great idea for a family tree! Alas mine would be a twig lol

  5. What a lovely way to do a family tree!

  6. I remember this one :) such a special quilt, glad you shared!

  7. A beautiful gift for your parents and for generations to come!


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